Exchanges and links with our partners to cultivate collective intelligence.

Sharing and partnership are the strengths of the group that have allowed us to research, introduce, experiment, and develop varieties, relying on the professionalism of our network.

STAR FRUITS travels the world in close collaboration with breeders, evaluators, nurseries, intellectual property specialists, producers, licensees, and distributors.


The innovative vision of STAR FRUITS has led to the development of new models. Aware of the strength of a collective approach and the importance of bringing together stakeholders in the European sector, the publisher created the PINK LADY® Europe Association (APLE).

The collaboration between STAR FRUITS & APLE aims to organize, structure, and unite European stakeholders in the sector around an exceptional variety. The initiative currently involves 13 authorized distributors, around a hundred packing stations, and over 3000 producers in Europe.

STAR FRUITS also organizes the importation of PINK LADY® apples in Europe through a network of 45 licensed importers to ensure a consistent quality of the brand in the European market and to enhance the work of international partner producers.

Building on the success of the initiative in Europe, STAR FRUITS & APLE are now the driving forces behind the International PINK LADY® Alliance (IPLA), bringing together all the PINK LADY® brand licensees worldwide, along with its owner: APAL.

TOPSTAR Alliance

This position at the crossroads of networks allows STAR FRUITS to be a force for proposing ideas to envision the organizations of tomorrow in the service of production sectors, including on a global scale. This is notably the case with TOPSTAR Alliance, a joint venture between STAR FRUITS and TOP FRUIT (South Africa).

Specifically created to market the SOLUNA™ apple, TOPSTAR Alliance collaborates with the Australian licensee Fruit West and the distributor WA Farm Direct to implement a global development strategy for this apple.

TOPSTAR Alliance selects partners who have responsible and fair business practices, in accordance with the brand’s commitment to strong societal values.

STAR FRUITS membre du réseau AIGN®, relai d’une présence mondiale

STAR FRUITS is a member of the AIGN® network and is even one of the founding members. This global group of nurseries covers the most significant fruit production areas worldwide.

The northern hemisphere is represented with all of northern and southern Europe, South Korea, China, India, and the United States. As for the southern hemisphere, AIGN® operates in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and South Africa.

Participation in this network provides STAR FRUITS with access to expanded information and a global variety heritage. AIGN® allows it to engage in a genuine global variety development policy in line with the expectations of markets and production and shipping sectors in various producing countries.

With AIGN®, STAR FRUITS has access to major international research programs. The most emblematic of all is the New Zealand program PREVAR of apples, pears, and inter-specific nashi pears.