Our expertise in the development and promotion of fruit brands

STAR FRUITS and all its partners in the PINK LADY® Europe Association have created a revolution in the integrated distribution of fruit varieties under the PINK LADY® brand.

The collective construction of brands is a way of bringing together all the players around the fruit: breeders, publishers, nurserymen/women, producers, packing stations, marketers and consumers.

The aim is to create, then protect and share the value fairly, and to guarantee consumers quality products that meet their expectations all year round.

From variety evaluation to plantation management, from intellectual property protection to marketing and communication,, not forgetting product quality management, STAR FRUITS has built up the unique expertise needed to ensure the success of fruit brands such as PINK LADY®, JOYA®, SOLUNA® and OPAL® for apples, METIS® for plums and NECTAVIGNE® and PECHEVIGNE®, for red-fleshed nectarines and peaches..


The worldwide success story of PINK LADY® based on a pioneering approach

Over 20 years ago, STAR FRUITS and its partners devised a new distribution model that is still a guarantee of success for every link in the chain.

Our other brands and integrated approaches inspired by the PINK LADY® model


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