One of STAR FRUITS’ core businesses is the defence of Intellectual Property rights. All STAR FRUITS product managers are trained in these issues.

VOCs, trademarks, commercial contracts and international defence networks are all tools used by STAR FRUITS to structure and support its partners.

In addition to its seconded legal department specialising in Intellectual Property, STAR FRUITS has an international reach thanks to a powerful legal network made up of 12 partner lawyers in Europe, who monitor and combat counterfeiting and infringement of Intellectual Property rights.

We actively participate in international movements and networks defending intellectual property rights.

We combat counterfeiting to protect all those involved in the sector (breeders, nurserymen/women, producers, distributors, consumers) and guarantee the authenticity of the fruit.

Around a hundred cases dealt with each year

We apply the law : VOCs, patents, trademarks, etc.

We draw up commercial contracts based on Intellectual Property law.

We collect royalties for the benefit of breeders.