STAR FRUITS collaborates with plant breeding programmes throughout the world, which may be run by public or private bodies. STAR FRUITS’ objective is to be connected with worldwide varietal innovation, including French and European, in order to pre-select, introduce and then evaluate varieties that could be of interest to its members and its French, European and worldwide network of licensees.

It continues the research work and patient investment of the breeders through its varietal selection work carried out by its network of French and European experimenters, and even worldwide for certain varieties.

The selection of varieties with high agronomic potential, lower input requirements, capable of developing despite limited water resources, or which tend to be resistant to disease and pests, are very important areas of research for STAR FRUITS. Selecting varieties means taking account of changes in the industry’s expectations by offering varieties that meet a number of key criteria: taste quality, of course, but also yield, agronomic stability, health quality, easier harvesting conditions and suitability for end use.

STAR FRUITS focuses its varietal selection on meeting the agricultural challenges of today and tomorrow, with the aim of contributing to the ecological transition.

Developing a network of licensees

Once the varieties have been technically validated for a given territory and after ensuring their legal protection, STAR FRUITS organises their development by promoting and distributing the varietal heritage. To do this, STAR FRUITS canvasses and develops its network of licensees in the distribution territory for which it is responsible.

250 varieties online

52 breeders

30 evaluation stations